Every Little Honky Tonk Bar Package (Vinyl)

Every Little Honky Tonk Bar Package (Vinyl)

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Every Little Honky Tonk Bar Package (Vinyl)

Package includes Honky Tonk Time Machine on vinyl LP, Honky Tonk Time Machine digital album, “Every Little Honky Tonk Bar” unisex t-shirt and “God and Country Music” vinyl sticker. Black t-shirt is a 100% cotton, unisex tee. Vinyl sticker has transparent background and is good for indoor or outdoor use. Sticker measures 5” wide by 3.75” in height.

Your pre-order also includes MP3 download of the tracks “God & Country Music”, “Every Little Honky Tonk Bar”, and “The Weight of the Badge” upon purchase. Download link will be sent via email.

PLEASE NOTE: You will receive your digital album upon album’s release on 3/29/19. Your t-shirt, LP and sticker will ship mid April.

Honky Tonk Time Machine Vinyl
God and Country Music Sticker
Honky Tonk Time Machine Digital Album

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    Track Listing:

    1. Every Little Honky Tonk Bar

    2. Two More Wishes

    3. Some Nights

    4. God and Country Music (with Harvey Strait)

    5. Blue Water

    6. Sometimes Love

    7. Código

    8. Old Violin

    9. Take Me Away

    10. The Weight Of The Badge

    11. Honky Tonk Time Machine

    12. What Goes Up

    13. Sing One With Willie (Featuring Willie Nelson)